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Rich Cotton Limited is primarily dealing in textile and apparel industry as manufacture and sourcing agency in Bangladesh. The Company deals with European, American, Canadian, South African, UK & Australian textile customers and the company is capable to handle all kind of circular knit, flat knit and woven/denim textiles. Rich Cotton Limited selects famed manufacturing facilities and puts utmost sincerity on product quality and having wide range of correlated textile material sourcing facilities and hunt new textile fashion trend. The Company keeps highly skilled and well trained textile educated merchants. In order to quote product cost Rich Cotton Limited emphasize to maximize productivity, minimize process lose, managing multi-sourcing and work efficiency. Rich Cotton Limited having well trained, highly professional CSR team to control safety issues and relevant social compliance monitoring system in production facilities.

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  • To get on time product supply
  • To get the support of expert multi sourcing team
  • To get the best price as the benefit of cost effectiveness
  • We are certified and trusted partner